The Edge is where we come right up against ourselves and all that we are and all that we can become. On this boundary, we can explore and calmly challenge our limits, stepping away from our comfort zone, by cultivating awareness of our mind and body. Here is the place of comfortable discomfort, where healing and growth happens.

I’m Nikki. I completed my MBA at the University of Gloucestershire in 2020 following many years as a lawyer. I am a Yoga Alliance (ERYT 200 hours) yoga teacher having trained at the outstanding Orange Yoga School, Cheltenham where I am currently undertaking a further 300 hours of training. My teaching style is breath-focused and strikes a balance between challenging and restorative. My passion is helping people make positive changes in their lives and unlock their true potential.

Whatever your background and ability, whether you want to ignite more creativity in your life, improve your focus to perform better at university, in the boardroom or on the sports field, or are seeking more balance in your life overall, I will support you towards your goals and provide straight forward yoga, mindfulness meditation practices and other wellbeing techniques that you can use to explore and experiment both on and off the mat to help elevate your personal and professional life.

There are lots of different ways we can work together so please take your time to explore my website and find a service that works for you. If you need any further help, please get in touch. I would be delighted to chat.

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