It’s a broken world.

We are facing unprecedented challenges with our planet. Economic uncertainty, climate destruction, political instability. On a daily basis in our personal and professional lives we are so busy that we forget to carve out time to stop and listen to ourselves. At the root of all this suffering is a loss of connection, to ourselves, to each other and to the earth.

Science is just beginning to wake up to what yoga has always known. That we are connected to the universe, made of the same little particles and atoms as the very planet we live on. We are all seekers of connections. We are all stardust.

And every time you step on to your mat with intention and start to inhale-exhale you are choosing connection. You are choosing to live with kindness and compassion. You are choosing to stay open, not to build barriers for defence.

With so much stress in our lives and the wider world, it’s no wonder that the yoga movement has gained such a phenomenal following. We all know the benefits of practicing yoga for reducing stress and anxiety but it is so much more than that. It has the power to transform an individual. Working at the edge with reverence and respect you reach your comfort zone. Push through this and you are in your growth zone. From here, anything is possible. The only limitation is your imagination and commitment.

Edge of yoga is my story of transformation and change born of a wish to change my world personally and professionally and raise awareness of the challenges in the wider world as a whole. We are all leaders and we need no title to serve a purpose bigger than ourselves. Just a humble yoga mat and an intention to live our best lives both on and off the mat.

So lets get started!