“So, leadership does not mean that you have to sit on top of a pile of people, leadership means within yourself you are in top condition. And according to your capabilities, when your capabilities find full expression, things will happen” – Sadhguru

Yoga means to ‘yoke’. This means putting two things together to make it stronger than the sum of its parts. The horse and cart. The ox and plough.  For two things to come together, this suggests there has to be a ‘connection’. This is the very essence of our yoga and mindfulness practices. These practices allow us to dim the external noise of that commute, the overbearing pace-setting boss who has no empathy, or the overflowing ‘to-do’ list, so we can connect with our true nature, and hear ourselves speak.

A person needs no title to be a leader. In fact, I am quite sure that we have all worked for people who have lots of fancy titles but who are neither role models nor mentors.  You know these people, they take the credit for another’s work, fail to reward or recognise, and are nowhere to be seen when a difficult client arrives or a hard decision has to be made. In my experience changes made by those with titles are rarely sustained.  In fact, I would argue that these types are very good at inhibiting the changes that are most needed – gaslighting or scapegoating the individual making those suggestions as they feel intimidated by this type of dynamism.

And therein lies my point. Leadership is a heady mix of dynamic mindset, behaviours and skillset which are used for the greater good of all. These attributes lie within each of us. However, we need to be well within ourselves to be able to strengthen heartset, soulset and mindset to rise above it all.

Yoga, like leadership, is an ongoing journey. We are a constant work in progress. Every day we wake up a new person and every day we have a new opportunity to do good in the world.  Science is just waking up to what yogis have known all along – that being internally balanced is the key to the natural evolution of an individual. So finding your edge, and creating alignment internally, allows you to focus, engage with courage and be in the present moment. All of this generates a centered and relaxed way of relating and responding to the demands of life and work, while progressing your leadership goals.   Being able to see with clear, unclouded perception and act effectively with strength, flexibility and ease are vital to personal and business success.

So there’s no excuses now for not having yoga in your life!

With Love

Nikki x