I am a frequent speaker on breath, mindfulness meditation, and yoga as tools for both personal and professional development. My MBA research focused on Emotional Intelligence and its relationship to leadership effectiveness. Research shows that when we move beyond the mind into heart and body we access other intelligence’s and this is far more effective as a leadership quality than intelligence quotient alone.

Interlinking knowledge gained through my time as lawyer, my MBA learnings and yoga, and mindfulness meditation teaching practices developed through the Inner Edge practice system designed to improve an individual’s overall mind and body wellbeing, my talks and workshops aim to inspire audiences to initiate transformation in their lives.

Providing straightforward practices for people to implement in their daily lives to help with modern-day issues such as sleeplessness, anxiety and stress you will not only feel better but have the tools in your toolkit to live sustainably in the stresses of living and working in fast-paced environments. Once embedded into a healthy lifestyle the result is more mental focus, improved productivity, and increased wellbeing in all aspects of your personal and professional life. For organisations this leads to improved cost efficiencies.

And the best thing? It’s all backed by research.


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