“Yoga will happily alleviate you of all you don’t need, but the throwing away you must do for yourself” – Nikki, Edge of Yoga 

I saw an instagram post that said “2020, FFS, take a childs pose”. Yeeesss, I thought to myself, time to ‘chillax’ and rest my weary mind and give my nervous system a break. I admit that even as a yogi this second lockdown took the wind out of my sails. I spent days sat in my pyjamas wondering when the sun would shine again.  Feeling all those negative emotions: anger, frustration, fear, stress, disbelief,  anxiety. And sometimes, I was just paralaysed, doubting my sanity, and my decision to make big personal and professional changes to meet a life more aligned with who I am.  And the external ‘noise’ was deafening at times. From the Government to Social Media, everyone had an opinion on  what we should all be doing during Covid-19, how we should be coping, and what was best for us. As if we don’t have the abiliy to think for ourselves.

Yoga has been a lifeline this year.  Not as an escape from the reality of the world, but because it provided a chance to look deeper inwards, gain a deeper connection with the practice, and to understand that yoga helps us see that the world works for us not against us, even in the most challenging of times.  I am reminded by my daily practice that we each have a responsibility to show up in the world and live, breathe and act with awareness.  This is how we empower ourselves to do more, and do better. This is how we create a better world for all.

Covid-19 was the great leveller, affecting everyone (albeit disproportionately).  But the real question as we emerge from 2020 and start to begin a New Year, is “What do I want my future  and my childrens’ future to to look like now?”  We have seen that mother nature  does just fine without us. If this pandemic has shown us anything it’s that the way we live, breathe and act as a collective is making the planet unhibitable for human life.  And so I believe that each of us now has an opportunity to change the way we show up in the world and shape the course of the future for the better. Like  I said, the universe always works for us, not against us.

And yoga is one powerful tool for transformation.

So 2020 – you can take a child’s pose.

And 2021 – I’m coming for you like the yogi warrior I am. Fierce, Strong, Compassionate. And ready to slay.

Wanna join me?

If so, I’ll meet you on the mat 🙂

With Love

Nikki x