Every day our mind processes the internal and external happenings in our lives. It’s no wonder at times it gets a bit overwhelmed!

Mindfulness Meditation is your very own personal mind trainer. Regular meditation practice will not stop negative thoughts rushing in but will help regulate reactivity to those negative thoughts and emotions. Over time, subtle changes in brain physiology increase stress resilience giving you more focus and attention. And let’s face it, life is so much better when we can manage stress.

Furthermore, independent studies have shown the benefits of mindfulness meditation in the workplace but if you are feeling overworked and stressed to breaking point, it simply isn’t going to be possible to sit quietly with an empty mind initially. However, mindfulness meditation is accessible to everyone and an effective tool to help prevent stress, anxiety, and burnout. When we gain sovereignty over our mind and emotions we unlock our true human potential. This can improve emotional intelligence competencies which have a positive effect on, creativity, and critical decision making. This is of benefit to all but particularly those at the executive level or in leadership roles.

For organisations, ultimately improvements in the workplace culture lead to a better working environment for employees, and creative, dynamic teams with more focus, good decision-making abilities, and better overall results leading to improved employee retention rates and cost savings on the organisational bottom line.

Once you have a framework to work from, mindfulness meditation can be done anytime, anywhere in as little as two minutes, and applied to any area of your life; at home, in the office, boardroom or on the sportsfield. And the best thing? It’s all backed by science. Ain’t nothing woo-woo in that.

1-2-1 Sessions

If you would like to learn meditation and mindfulness with sessions tailored for you, please get in touch:

Online Courses:

Meditation for Beginners: For those with little or no meditation experience.

Join me for a two hour introductory workshop to Meditation. Learn simple techniques to get you started with your meditation journey.


Moving toward Mindfulness: For all Levels. Learn the Fundamentals of Meditation, Learn the Meditation Building Blocks and gain tools and techniques for Meditation Success.

Meditation for Decision Making: Independent studies show that meditation helps you make better decisions. Learn to help silence that little voice of self-doubt and you are more likely to make rational and unbiased decisions when faced with a critical decision-making situation.

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