Mindfulness Meditation

Learn to live with more calm, more happiness, more awareness

Mindfulness Meditation has become a trendy thing to practice.  However, mindfulness meditation has been used for thousands of years as a tool to increase calmness, physical relaxation, psychological balance, and enhance overall health and wellbeing. Research has now backed this practice and science is just waking up to what yogis have known all along, that a regular meditation practice can help improve brain, mind, body, and behaviour functions.

Cultivating a practice of mindfulness meditation is like having a personal mind trainer with you at all times.  Yes, it takes practice. Yes, it takes discipline. No, your thoughts do not disappear and no, you don't need to sit on the side of a mountain semi-naked to feel its effects (although I have yet to personally test that!).

Once you learn a framework you can bring your practice to all aspects of your life in as little as two minutes. People have reported feeling calmer, more focused, and can concentrate better because of their meditation practice.  These are all good things.

There are lots of different ways to meditate, for example, guided meditations or mantra-based meditations but I enjoy mindfulness meditation because it is a breath-focused practice that aims to create inner strength, stability, and clarity that works from a place of warmth and kindness. And your breath is the first thing that changes when you are under stress. So learning to work mindfully with the breath whilst cultivating compassion and understanding for yourself and others makes this a beautiful practice in my humble opinion.

If you are curious about the workings of the mind or want to feel calmer and experience more joy in your life, why not join one of my courses or if you would prefer, I am available for 1-2-1 sessions online or in person.