Learn to live with more calm, more happiness, more awareness

Why Learn to Meditate? 

In the modern world we are surrounded by exceptional levels of material wealth and comfort, yet many of us are discontented and unhappy.   We wear masks that hide feelings of dissatisfaction, anxiety and depression. Curiously, the more progressive the world becomes on the outside, the less contented we become with our lives on the inside. Where is true happiness to be found?

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a Practice that cultivates awareness and insight. Think of it as a useful tool to have in your toolkit to undo destructive emotional patterns, to develop wisdom and compassion, and access higher states of being within our minds that allow our true nature to shine through as  pure awareness or consciousness as we also call it.

Edge of Yoga Meditation Training.

Edge of Yoga Meditation Workshops and Trainings provide comprehensive training in awareness and insight meditation. We meditate not to change ourselves but to be the best version of us.  Meditation is now backed by science and a consistent meditation practice is now proven to boost the immune system, improve the brain's ability to focus for extended periods of time and help with chronic disorders.

Watch this short video for some further insights.