There are things that we never want to let go of, people we never want to leave behind. But keep in mind that letting go isn’t the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a new life – Unknown.

I am wired to overthink and as I am in a period of great change, moving forward toward a new life,  I have often come to my mat with many burdens on my mind.  I know it too. My body aches, I’m not sleeping.  I move through the poses often distracted and unfocused. I’m on that bridge between the old and the new. Desperate to let go of what no longer serves me but also holding on as it’s all I know.

As an MBA friend kindly pointed out: “Nikki, you are so great at learning new things, but you forget to unlearn all the crap that is holding you back“.  Friends, eh? But it’s true.  In yoga, we often hear the phrase “let it go” from our teachers.  But it takes Courage. Bravery. Vulnerability. When you strive to work towards the difficult poses and it’s taken you force, effort, and often a physical strain to get there, the hardest thing to do is to ‘let go’. You’ve worked so dam hard to get into the pose, who knows what will happen if you relax and soften. But there you are, that’s the art of letting go. Having the courage to not hold on too tightly and the faith to know that you’ve done the work, and it’s time to step forward into the space you’ve created and own it. From this point, the obstacles disappear as you consciously step into that inner wisdom we all hold but have forgotten about. No longer will you allow limiting beliefs to hold you back, or sweat the small stuff (shopping lists, chores, etc), or even fixate on how your Practice ‘should’ look.  This is evolution, growth, change.  This is true yoga.

Yoga is the art of connecting to our highest ‘Self’, our truth, our wisdom. To do this, it is necessary to let the small stuff go. And usually, that act, which feels like surrender is the pre-cursor to a step towards a higher evolution of the ‘self’.  It’s not a giving up,  or a ‘settling’, it’s a shedding of old skin, a release and/or acceptance that you are stepping forward to higher knowledge,  a life with more depth, more awareness.

This inner strength is personal to each of us. It’s a conscious decision to soften into your own limitless potential, to recognise your greatness instead of choosing what the ego-self would like for us. It is trusting that when we surrender to ‘what is’, at that moment, we become greater and more powerful than most limiting minds can comprehend. The effect is quite something.

So maybe, just maybe today I’ll soften a little more, surrender to the moment, and stand amazed at how my ‘new’ life unfolds in the most curious, creative ways.

With Love

Nikki x