“Myth-Buster: You cannot be anything you want to be, but you can be all that you are meant to be” – Anonymous

Many people believe yoga is the union between mind, body and spirit. To a degree, that is correct. However, the term ‘union’ suggests a connection and that means bringing something together to make it stronger than the sum of its parts. For example, the horse and cart, or the ox and plough. More than that, yoga means to understand that we are all connected. Different but connected. My thoughts, words and actions impact on myself, others, and the planet. Therefore true yoga is about awareness and embodiment.

My Practice is Ashtanga and Vinyasa based. Both strong, dynamic forms of yoga that require me to move with precision and quiet concentration. I don’t push my body but quietly attune to my body’s needs. If this means adapting a posture, so be it. In doing so, we refine our awareness, focus the mind and soften our hearts.

Our bodies never lie. Every experience, good or bad, this life or past life, leaves an imprint on our nervous system. Quieten the mind, and your body will speak its truth. This can be scary to begin with as we face things about ourselves we may not necessarily want to hear.

This is yoga’s invitation to┬ábe kind to yourself. To act with compassion. When we see our own suffering in a different way, we begin to recognise the suffering in others and that’s how we become more compassionate.

Not every pose will be available to every body – that is the beauty and uniqueness of being human. Indeed, there are some poses that will never be available to certain body types and that is OK! It is not about getting into the pose, but how much of the pose you can get in!

In getting more intimate with ourselves, we learn to steady the mind, and lead with a compassionate heart. This is where the transformative magic happens. In simply experiencing ourselves as we are, with no judgement, we find the union of mind body and spirit. This then manifests itself as confidence, independence and self-empowerment.

And despite what social media projects, there is never any final destination. Even when you can do the pose, we continue to work towards the next level of transformation – getting deeper into the pose or using it as a stepping stone to another more complex pose.

So you see, change and transformation never stop. The only thing that is always the same about us yogis, is that we are always, changing and transforming. For us, it’s all about the journey, not the destination. And that makes life a whole heap more funner (I just made that word up for no other reason than I can).

With Love

Nikki x