“Emotions are the strongest force in people, even those who think they are intellectual” –  Sadghuru

Western business has held intelligence in high regard for a long time.   However, this has come at a cost with a lack of evident thought leadership and reliance on policy, procedure and adversity to risk, as people are too afraid to think outside the box.  This causes a lack of creativity and keeps people ‘small’ but maybe that is what those in power want?

It is a misconception that humans think first and then feel.  We feel first then we think

True yoga does not force you to put away your feelings. Indeed, each pose is designed to evoke an emotion. It’s when we deal with what arises within, accept it for what it is, that we naturally elevate our minds and body to a better place and more positive emotions become available. This is because we are raising our awareness by becoming fully present. By being present we can recognise the emotions and manage them before responding.

It logically follows then that in repressing our emotions, we are creating dis-ease within ourselves. If we are harming ourselves, how is it possible to a create positive external environments for others?? How is it possible to work from a positive and empowering place if we are not well to begin with??

Empirical studies have now found what yogis have known all along,  that a consistent yoga practice of more than six months improves emotional intelligence, and reduces perceived stress. This can only be good for the individual and good for business. However, it’s no good paying lip service to ‘wellbeing’ and banding around the ‘mental health’ slogans if this is not an ethical stance we take both on a personal and professional level or embed it into office culture.

My point: Wellbeing comes from within. We are all responsible for our own wellbeing and it takes time to break down the conditioning, patterning that our external world places on us. However, with consistent and dedicated daily Practice, we can find our edge, break through and reach new levels of joy and bliss. After all, as humans that is our natural state.

Without a doubt, when you change your inner world, the outer world will rise to meet you but whether you are the one in power or taking back your power, it all starts the same way: making a conscious choice to change.

With Love

Nikki x